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We are experienced and professional locksmiths ready to help residents in Carbrook with your Locksmiths needs.

We offer a variety of locksmith services, including the emergency rapid response.

New keys for your home

Lock installation

Lock repairs

Garage door


Locked out of house

Security screen door locks

Our team will provide you with everything you might want from a locksmith service.

Get rid of that big bunch of keys.

We are able to re-key your premises to enable one key to fit all locks (subject to standard existing locks).

Did you know that most locks can have a barrel change to fix a standard key?

Fast Service

House Burglary

Burglary, also called breaking and entering and sometimes housebreaking, can be avoided!

It’s not a subject that anyone likes talking about, It’s a bad personal experience if it happens to you.

The normal family home can be a target, often someone leaves a door unlock or no one is home between 9 am to 3 pm nor is your neighbour.

What is the most common breach of entry is

1: unlocked door or window

2: Low level forced entry (screw drive type of entry).

It’s very uncommon for a locksmith to see a professional break & enter on a family home unless the people are after your sports car & the keys.

How to avoid your house from a burglary.
Here are some very basic things you can do.

Cut down hedges that obstruct the view of your property from the driveway or street.
Know when your neighbours are not home & exchange phone numbers.
Don’t allow your alarm system to be set off by accident, if you need to reprogram the alarm system to stop this we can help.
Have a professional Locksmith Attend your property to inspect your security, Cost $100

Locksmiths Carbrook offer an emergency mobile locksmith service to Carbrook and surrounding suburbs

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