Locksmith Prices


Cheap “Call outs fees” mean they will get/scam you some other way. It’s been going on.

Ask to see a Security Licence 

Ask for a fixed price quote 

Any real Locksmith can give you a fixed price quote over the phone. 

If you see this ( 29$) or (0$) it’s a scam from overseas.

Meblourne, Sydney & now Brisbane is being hit. In Canada & USA it was a big thing ( Google it)

Our laws allow anyone to come to your home and work on your locks, without any checks & balances in place, except commercial properties. 

On top of that in NSW & QLD you don’t need a Trade certificate to be issues a security Licence anymore.

Good knows why?  


How much does a locksmith cost?
  • Service Call to attend your location during normal business hours is $66
  • Labour is billed on 30mins periods = $44 (Lock repairs)

Q: How much is a locksmith to open a door? $110 during normal business hours

  • Lock Re-Keying for Residential & Commercial Property $35 per lock
    (old keys will not work the lock anymore)
  • Residential Keys Duplicated  $5 (spare key copy)
Normal Business hours are 8:30 am to 5pm from Monday to Friday

Automotive Prices

Car Key Replacement Service.

  • The cheapest is $180 but it depends on the car. Locksmiths call this job “all keys lost”.
  • There are three basic types of car key
  1. Basic key with the transponder
  2. Remote key (key in the ignition to start)
  3. Smart key (Push button start cars) 
These are for Mazda’s but you get the idea.
How much is unlocking a car? $110 to attend your location and unlock the car. 
Brisbane & Gold Coast areas only.

The only way to get a fixed quote for prices is to call Attend Locksmiths.

We will need to know a bit about the car like; 

Brand of car 

Model of car

Year of car or the registration plate so we can look it up.

There are many types of car keys and all Brands like Ford, Mazda, Toyota are all different.

Locksmith prices

Home Lock Prices

Below is just a small sample of prices for common house locks. 

Full disclosure  

  • Not all locks are equal in quality nor will keep working past the warranty period.
  • We can’t in good conscience install cheap locks like aka “Bunning specials.”
  • Locksmiths know what will provide security & we are more then happy to show customers what the difference is & why.
How much does the average lock cost?
  • Entrance Set (Handle lock)  $80 installed
  • Dead Bolt $180 installed
  • Security Screen Door locks start from $75 (there are a few different types & brands)
  • Sliding glass door locks from $165 installed
  • Patio Bolt locks for glass sliding doors $99 installed


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We can make new car keys

Need replacement car keys made?

Some advice when trying to figure out which business to call.

Of cause call Attend Locksmiths, but no seriously.

Here is things most people don’t know.

  • In Queensland your not going to always get a trade qualified Locksmith, copy cats with no trade qualifications.
  • No Security license or skin in the game. (Facebook people / Gumtree people running around)
  • Highly recommend you check the security license.  
  • If someone tell you no service call out fee, they are scamming you, this was first seen in the USA check youtube / News 
  • Never get someone to open your door without sighting a security licence, big scam going on now in Brisbane & Sydney. We have seen it many times & the customer calls back & we go out there to repair the damage.
  • Don’t pay full price for an apprentice to do your work, each apprentice must be with a Trade qualified locksmith being supervised.
  • Ask the person where did he do his trade & what business did he work for & how long?
  • There are loop holes in our laws in QLD. It’s so stupid & people don’t realize.
  • You should always make sure they have insurance and display a policy number & expire date. this is more true, if someone is making a car key for you. House locks not so much etc. 
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