Handle Locks

Handle Locks: The Ubiquitous Guardians of Entryways

Handle locks, the embodiment of convenience and security, stand as the most prevalent form of locks utilized across various spaces. These versatile locks come in various types, shapes, and colors, catering to diverse functional and aesthetic preferences.

Exploring the Types: Functionality Defined

Handle locks encompass distinct types, each with a designated function:

  • Entrance Set: Often adorning front and back doors, this type features a key on one side, effectively securing that side of the door. Inside, it may be equipped with a Push Button, Turn Snib, or offer unrestricted access.

  • Privacy Set: Ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms, Privacy Sets ensure privacy by locking from the inside using a thumbturn or push button. They can be unlocked from the outside in case of emergencies.

  • Passage Set: These handle locks are designed for areas where security is not the primary concern, such as hallways and closets. They provide easy passage without the need for a key.

  • Classroom Set: Mainly used in educational settings, Classroom Sets have a locking function from the inside, ensuring safety during class sessions. However, they can be opened from the outside in case of emergency.

  • Storeroom Set: Commonly utilized in storage rooms or utility spaces, Storeroom Sets remain locked at all times, requiring a key to open. This ensures restricted access to specific areas.

Delving into Shapes and Colors: Aesthetic Versatility

The handle itself comes in a plethora of shapes, including the contemporary lever handle locks, catering to both functional and design-oriented preferences.

Color options have expanded over time, and while an array of choices are available, standard finishes prevail:

  • Stainless Steel: A timeless choice that retains its luster over time.
  • Chrome Plate: Known for its shine, it may dull over prolonged use.
  • Gold: Though elegant, it tends to degrade over time.
  • Brown: Offers durability, lasting around a decade.
  • Matt Black: A new entrant, its longevity in the color palette remains to be seen.

Functionality in Action: Where and Why

  • Entrance Sets: These locks adorn front and back doors, combining security and accessibility.
  • Privacy Sets: Perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms, they ensure solitude without compromising safety.
  • Passage Sets: Seamlessly facilitate movement in hallways and closets without compromising security.
  • Classroom Sets: Designed for educational settings, they strike a balance between class safety and emergency access.
  • Storeroom Sets: Restricted access in storage spaces is maintained while allowing easy entry for authorized individuals.

Handle locks, with their diverse array of types, shapes, colors, and functions, are the unsung heroes safeguarding spaces while seamlessly integrating with aesthetic preferences.

Are manly used on bathroom or toilet doors.
You either push a button or turn a turn snib from inside to lock the outside handle.
These locks can be unlocked from the outside, either with a small flat blade screwdriver or the older types with a hair pin by pushing.
Sometimes privacy sets are installed on master bedrooms.

Passage sets

A Passage set is just a handle lock without a lock, it can’t be locked from either side and is just used to keep the door from flapping in the wind.
Normally found installed on a  hallway door, bedroom door.

Classroom Set

Classroom set have a special function of being able to be locked open or locked closed. 

You use the key to lock open these handle locks and they become the same function as a passage set until the key is used to lock the handle lock.

Storeroom set

Storeroom handle locks are always free access from inside and can not be locked from inside. 

On the outside the handle is always locked & when the door closes the door is locked again.

The key is used to open the lock by retracting the latch. 

FAQ: Here are the answers to common questions:

  1. Which handle lock is best? The best handle lock depends on your specific needs and preferences. Different types of handle locks serve different purposes. For example, an Entrance Set is commonly used for front and back doors, while a Privacy Set is suitable for bedrooms and bathrooms. It’s recommended to choose a handle lock that aligns with the intended use and offers the level of security you require.

  2. What is a door lock handle called? A door lock handle is often referred to simply as a “handle lock.” It’s a type of lock that incorporates a handle for easy operation along with locking mechanisms for security purposes. Handle locks come in various types, shapes, and finishes, catering to both functionality and aesthetics.

  3. Are handle locks safe? Handle locks can be safe when chosen and installed correctly. The safety of a handle lock depends on factors such as the type of handle lock, its quality, and how well it’s suited for the intended application. High-quality handle locks with robust locking mechanisms and proper installation can provide effective security. It’s recommended to consult with a locksmith or security professional to ensure you select the right handle lock for your needs.

  4. What is a handle lock? A handle lock is a type of lock designed for doors that combines a handle for easy operation with a locking mechanism for security. Handle locks come in various types, including Entrance Sets, Privacy Sets, Passage Sets, Classroom Sets, and Storeroom Sets, each serving specific purposes. They can be found in a variety of shapes, colors, and finishes to match both security needs and aesthetic preferences.

Handle locks
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