Replacement Car Keys

Car Key Replacements

By filling out is information, it will help identify your car faster.

You can also send photos of the VIN plate or any other photos you would like to send.

The form is received a few mins after you send it.

Attend Locksmiths can make keys to most cars on the road, We specialise in common brands & model of cars.

Ford, Mazda, Toyota, Holden, & some models of other brands like Great wall, Citroen, Smart and other cars.

Tips & Questions

Tips when you have no keys for your car

  1. By calling your local car dealer & getting the key code, will save you money.
  2. Some older cars around the mid 2000’s require a pin number, most car dealers have access to these codes & getting this code can also save you money.

Car dealers require proof you own the car for this information to be given to you. Normally there is no charge.

Questions to ask the Locksmith.

  1. What is the cheapest way to get a key for my car?
  2. How many keys will you supply for that price?
  3. Can I just have a manual key made without a remote? 
  4. Is there any other costs?

Customers have told Attend Locksmiths many times that other companies / people, who offer this service often charge more later on.

When it comes time to pay.

Warning : There are people pretending to be Locksmiths 

Ask to see their Security Licence & ask questions on where did they do the Locksmith Trade & who did they work for?

There is a loophole in the Security Providers Act 1993 that say “Vehicle theft equipment including immobilisers are NOT security equipment. Part 1 Section 8A or page 13.

This means no Security Licence is needed under QLD law for someone to service or maintain or repair your car security system. 

Where the other loophole is in Part 1 section 6B, 2c that a person is not providing a service of a security installer by cutting a key , this is only part true & clearly is not intended for an all keys lost situation, because you need to pick a lock to decode the lock inorder to make a key or remove the car lock and take it apart to make a key.

If your car is locked the person needs to have a security Licence to unlock the car.


It can cost you thousands of dollars to repair the damage to the cars ECU & immobiliser. If you have an older car  it could only cost a $1000 or so.

The problem is, China makes key programmers that can damage cars electrical systems and often only by replacing modules & using dealer software to recover the car will the car run again.

There is no insurance calm you can make against someone running around with chinese key programmers or hacked software on a laptop. Who has no insurance. you are taking a risk.

Locksmiths can buy professional key programming tools that are used worldwide. 

Tested & proven, make by a multimillion dollar company.

The Chinese copied one of these tools and got sued, the copy can corrupt car’s computers and the customer is left with the problem. 

You also want to make sure you are dealing with a trade qualified Locksmith 

And again another loop hole in QLD security act  not requiring a Trade certificate as proof before issuing a security licence AKA Locksmith licence.

QLD Security Act Click to download here

Click here to see Fines

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