Lock Repairs

Any quality lock can be repaired & there are parts available for them.

Every Locksmith company has parts for the locks that are quality branded locks, like Lockwood, Whitco, Kaba,Yale, Chubb, Lane & the list goes on.

You will pay a bit more to buy a lock from a Locksmith Business, but if something brakes down; that extra $15 or $20 you paid now seems priceless.

Hardware Stores

Did you know that most of the locks you can buy from a hardware store, are low-quality locks? and sold to you for top dollar?

There are a few exceptions.

The quality lock manufacturers you can find in the hardware store are “Lockwood & Whitco” and that’s about it . The rest is just rubbish.

It might sound strong worded, but you expect your locks to be quality, made strong & last for 20 years.

The rubbish that we find installed on peoples homes, has become an everyday occurrence.

If the customers only knew; for just a few more dollars, a Locksmith can install a far better lock that’s been proven to stand up to an attack.

And which as been proven to last.

Saving Money

We have all gone to a hardware store to buy something & wanted to save a few dollars, 

but when it comes to locks, you have the privilege of paying full retail & getting a less superior product when you can’t spot the difference.

Any Good Locksmith

Good Locksmiths want to provide his customers with quality locks for a few main reasons.

  1. Security is the primary reason knowing the property is secure.
  2. Satisfaction knowing you have made it harder for someone to break into the property.
  3. We take pride installing locks. (there is no pride with locks made in China & little security)  

China & Locks

It’s hard to imagine buying a handle lock from China for $1.80 Aust + postage.

The exact same lock is sold to you for $10 & I’m not going to name the hardware store.

We have seen copies of Australian locks now showing up in hardware stores for 3/4 the price of the original genuine product.

These handle locks last for a little time & sold cheaply, but here is a real problem.


The latches fail and you can’t open the door, we have to come along & drill the lock of the door.

When you buy a lock from a Locksmith company, we don’t want these types of problems when the lock fails.

It looks bad for our business & it cost us time and money; if we sell you a cheap low-quality lock & you call us back to drill the lock off the door.

Installing these cheap types of locks doesn’t provide the security the customer is looking for.

Below are links which might help you find what you are looking for.