Keys changed Changing the Locks

Almost all locks can have the keys changed, 

People call this changing the Locks, but in fact we are changing the keys.

This is when the combination of the internal lock is changed, which stops the old keys from working the lock.

It’s very convenient to match more than one lock to the same key.

People often ask “Does it reduce security by having all my locks on one key”? 

The answer is no it doesn’t reduce security.

The upside to having as many locks on the one key is convenience.


Attend Locksmiths charges a flat rate price which has not increased since 2001.

Attend Locksmiths Prices 

The service call out cost is $66 BH

$22 per lock (excludes old skeleton key locks)

Garage Roll-a-door Locks If the Barrel is able to be changed $22

We always provide two keys per combination.

Extra keys are $5 each

Information about key cutting

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Keys Changed

Fresh New Keys so the old keys don't work the locks We can match locks to the same key, so you only need one key for your locks
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