New Hyundai key replacements made

Hyundai Key Replacements in Brisbane & Gold Coast.

We are able to supply, cut and program new car keys for your Hyundai car. 

If you are looking for a automotive locksmith in Brisbane & a less expensive solution; you have come to the right place.

Some Hyundai cars can except a standard key without the remote part of the key. 

This will save you money if you need the most budget friendly solution for now.

To have just a standard key (no remote) that will work the  immobiliser start the car. 

This is a cheaper solution, when you have no keys for the car & just want to get back on the road.

Standard keys & how they work

Standard Car key

The standard key will open the doors via inserting the key into the drivers side door lock, ( Lock & Unlock).

Standard keys do have a transponder in the head of the key (Red Plastic holder) which is programmed to the car & it will start the car. 

Disadvantage is no remote.

381 HYN14 4

Remote car key

Mitsubishi remote key

Remote car keys 

These keys have the transponder in the plastic case.

The remote is also in the plastic case and used a watch battery, on the battery is a number like CR2032. There are a few types of batteries, Matching the number you can buy these at Coles or Woolworths.

Disadvantage is the key is not a flip key.

Flip keys

Flip Remote keys

These keys are just like a remote key, but the key blade folds away.

Just like any remote key, the rubber buttons over time get worn away.

So we like to supply remote flip keys that are make better & last longer & easy to find a replacement key case.

No disadvantage 
Flip key

Programming & Key cutting equipment we use

Hyundai Key Replacements

We use the best computerized key cutting machine to cut your high security car keys. (Silca Triax)

We use the best key programming tool to connect to your cars computer & program the transponders. (Silca Smartpro)

These two products are used wold wide. Trusted equipment by all Professional Locksmiths.



  • Accent
  • Elantra
  • Genesis
  • Getz
  • Grandeur  
  • i20
  • i30
  • i40
  • i45
  • ix35
  • ix45
  • iLoad
  • iMax
  • Kona
  • Santa Fe
  • Sonata
  • Terracan
  • Tiburon
  • Tucson
  • Veloster

Lost car keys?


  • Ask to see the persons security licence.
  • Ask if they are a qualified locksmith.
  • Ask how many years they have been a qualified locksmith for.
  • Ask to see what equipment they will be working on your car with.
  • Shop around for a good price ( The middle price is normally a good deal).
  • Locksmiths are here to help you.

Quotation & Inquiry form for Hyundai Key Replacements ( we don't sell key cases or replacement shells ) only new keys

Hyundai immobilizer

From about 1996 car manufactures started to install immobilizers for higher security. 

Most cars have an electronic immobilizer system built into the car computer which can Not be removed from the car’s computer system.

Hyundai Locks

As the electronic security improved, so did the physical security of the car locks.

Screw driving a car lock is now in the past, you will only see that in the movies.

Hyundai door locks & Ignition lock barrels are made to a high standard & has very little tolerances which provides much better security.

Hyundai Key Replacements

If you have a physical key to insert into the car’s ignition lock, you will notice the key is now a new shape type of key.

These keys are high security keys, which are very precise high security keys.

They are known as laser cut key. 

Hyundai keys

Hyundai key Replacements Servicing all Brisbane suburbs from Caboolture to Ipswich to the Gold Coast ares at no extra cost to you.

Car Locksmith

Are you looking for a local Locksmith in Logan? 

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Key Replacement

As each model Hyundai car has different security. The price to make a key will vary.

Price range $200 to $450 

There are options available, please call to find out more.



Our services are to make replacement keys for Hyundai cars.

Smart Keys

These keys are for push button start cars.

They always have a back up metal key in the smart remote.

This is used if your smart key has a flat battery. 


  • Your drivers licence number will be required .
  • The key should be nice and smooth going into the lock. (Locks can be warn out & can effect this).
  • Don’t pay for the job until the job is finished.
Hyundai key replacements

Extra Info:

You might want to ask if the person working on your car is a Trade Qualified Locksmith & how many years they have been a Qualified Locksmith for.

After all “You are paying for a qualified Locksmith & you should get what you paid for”.