Attend locksmiths Ford key replacements Brisbane & Gold Coast QLD

Replacement Ford keys made Brisbane & Gold Coast

When you have No keys for your car we are the people to call.

Attend Locksmiths specialize in Replacement Ford keys, like keys made for Falcon & Ford Territory’s &

Ignition barrel repairs up to 2011 cars “ford key replacement Brisbane Australia”

If you have lost your keys to your Ford car, we can make new keys & program the keys into your car.

In the event that all keys have been lost for your Ford or Mazda car, you will need a Locksmith to make two new keys for the car.

A lot of the time, Locksmith prices are cheaper than the local Ford dealer to make new keys to your car.

Keys have a transponder chip which is inside the head of the key; which will need to be programmed to the car.

Ford dealers often sub-contract these jobs out to a local locksmith.

Attend Locksmiths can make a new keys for your Ford car.

Replacement Ford keys

Replacement Ford keys are Priced from $180 for 1 standard key (when you have lost all keys to your car.)

The total price includes the service call out, labour to open & make a key 1x standard key. 

Flip key upgrade includes the remote, transponder & key blank. Extra $40 each flip key.

Car keys are just one of those things we have and use every day.

We don’t think too much about car keys or house keys until either we can’t find them.

Car keys have transponders in the head of the key which most people know,

but having another Ford car key replacement made is something we never get around to doing.

Here is a list of the Ford car we support FORD Keys


Ford car key replacement
Replacement ford keys
Replacement Ford keys made Falcon
Standard key AU & BA $180
Ford keys made hu101
Standard BF key $180

How much does it cost for a car key replacement?

Cost of Ford replacement keys

AU Ford Falcon with 1x key $180

AU Ford Falcon with 2x keys $220

Remote AU Falcon $40

BA Ford Falcon with 1x standard key $180

1x BA Flip key with inbuilt remote add $40 

BF Ford Falcon with 1x standard key $180

1x BF Flip key with built in remote add $40

SX Ford Territory with 1x key $180

SX Territory Flip key with built in remote add $40

SY Ford Territory key replacement 1x standard key $180


SY Territory Flip key with built in remote add $40

If you lose all the keys to your Ford Falcon, give us a call on 0413 120 444 we service Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Ford keys made transponders programmed into car
Attend locksmiths can make new car keys for your Ford cars

Ford car keys

Welcome to Attend Locksmiths page on Ford car keys. Below are all the Ford cars we make keys for. We make keys to Ford cars when all keys are lost or stolen.

Our Ford Locksmith will come to your location and

  • Open your car
  • Make a physical key to the cars ignition lock
  • Program the key’s transponder into the car and your on your way.

Ford car keys

Locking keys in the car or misplacing the keys happens all the time.

Attend locksmiths can help with unlocking your car & making new keys.

Unlock vehicle doors

  • Rekey lost car keys
  • Cutting new car keys
  • Programming of transponder chips into the Ford car.
  • Adding a spare key to the car
  • Ignition repairs or replacement ignitions after damage
  • Many more

When next you have an emergency of this nature, Attend locksmiths is just a phone call away on 0413 120 444

You will be speaking with trade qualified locksmith with many years of experience who be able to assist you.

Ford Ignition Repairs

This is a really common problem with Ford Falcon cars from the mid-2000s.

The cars that are affected by this problem are the AU, BA, BF. All of a sudden you try to start the car and nothing happens.

There is no resistance on the key & no spring back action.

Now, these cars are getting up in age, we are seeing more and more worn out ignition barrels.