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Replacement Car Keys

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  • Car opening $88
  • Lost car keys $180
  • Ignition Lock repairs $260

Replacement Ford Keys – Professional Key Solutions in Brisbane & Gold Coast

At Attend Locksmiths, we specialize in offering top-notch replacement Ford keys for residents in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. If you find yourself without keys for your Ford car, our expert team is here to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions to meet your needs.

Lost Your Ford Car Keys?

Losing your car keys can be a frustrating experience, but with Attend Locksmiths, you can regain access to your Ford vehicle without breaking the bank. Our skilled technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of Ford key replacement, ensuring that you can get back on the road quickly and seamlessly.

Affordable Alternatives

We understand that affordability is a crucial factor when it comes to key replacements. In many cases, our locksmith prices prove to be more budget-friendly than those offered by local Ford dealerships. It’s worth noting that Ford dealerships often subcontract these tasks to local locksmiths, and we provide a direct solution without the added middleman costs.

Transponder Chip Programming

Modern car keys, including Ford keys, are equipped with transponder chips embedded within the key head. These chips require proper programming to ensure they communicate effectively with your vehicle’s security system. Our expert locksmiths are well-equipped to handle the programming process, providing you with functional replacement keys tailored to your Ford car.

Comprehensive Service

Whether you’re dealing with a lost key situation or require additional keys for your Ford car, Attend Locksmiths offers a comprehensive range of services to cater to your needs. We understand that car keys are an essential daily item, and we’re here to make the replacement process as smooth as possible.

Quality and Convenience

Ford keys start from $200,

covering a standard key when all keys to your car have been lost. This price includes the service call-out, labor for opening your vehicle, and creating a standard key. For those seeking an upgrade, our flip key option includes the remote, transponder, and key blank, providing enhanced convenience.

Supporting a Range of Ford Models

We are proud to offer key replacement services for various Ford models. From ignition barrel repairs on Ford Falcons to Ford Territory cars (AU, BA, BF, SX, SY), our expertise spans a wide array of vehicles.

Contact Us Today

Whether you’re dealing with a lost Ford key situation or require a spare key for your vehicle, Attend Locksmiths is your trusted partner. Our professional team is committed to delivering high-quality replacement Ford keys with a focus on efficiency and excellence. Contact us today for reliable and prompt key replacement services tailored to your Ford car.

  1. How much is a duplicate key for Ford? The cost of a duplicate key for a Ford car can vary based on several factors, including the model and year of the vehicle, the type of key (standard key, remote key, smart key), and where you obtain the duplicate. On average, a basic duplicate key can range from $50 to $150, while more advanced remote or smart keys may cost between $100 and $300 or more, including programming fees.

  2. What is the cheapest way to replace a Ford key? The cheapest way to replace a Ford key would typically involve visiting a local locksmith who specializes in automotive keys and locks. Locksmiths often offer competitive pricing for key cutting and programming services compared to dealerships. However, keep in mind that the cost will depend on the type of key you need, the complexity of the programming, and your specific location.

  3. Can I get a Ford key made from the VIN number? In most cases, yes. Many locksmiths and automotive service providers have the capability to generate a new key based on the vehicle identification number (VIN). This process involves retrieving key information from the manufacturer’s database and creating a key that matches your vehicle. However, some advanced key types (such as proximity keys) may require additional steps and programming.

  4. Can Ford keys be duplicated? Yes, Ford keys can be duplicated. Basic mechanical keys and some traditional transponder keys can be easily duplicated by locksmiths, hardware stores, or key-cutting kiosks. More advanced keys, such as remote keys and smart keys, will require specialized equipment and programming to ensure they work with your vehicle’s security system. It’s recommended to consult with a professional locksmith or automotive service provider for key duplication services specific to your Ford model.

Ford Car Key Solutions – Expert Assistance for Lockouts and Key Issues

Locking your keys in the car or misplacing them can be a frustrating experience that many of us face. Fortunately, Attend Locksmiths is here to provide efficient solutions to unlock your vehicle and create new keys when needed.

Unlocking Vehicle Doors and More

At Attend Locksmiths, we offer a comprehensive range of services to address your car key emergencies. Whether you’ve locked your keys inside the car or lost them altogether, our skilled team can assist you with:

  • Unlocking your vehicle’s doors
  • Rekeying lost car keys
  • Cutting new car keys
  • Programming transponder chips into your Ford car
  • Adding spare keys to your vehicle
  • Ignition repairs or replacement after damage

Our Solutions for Your Emergency

Next time you find yourself in a car key emergency, rest assured that you’ll be in capable hands when you contact Attend Locksmiths. Our team consists of trade-qualified locksmiths with years of experience under their belts, ensuring that you receive professional and efficient assistance.

Ford Ignition Repairs

One common issue that owners of Ford Falcon cars from the mid-2000s encounter is ignition problems. This issue often affects models such as AU, BA, and BF. If you experience a situation where your car won’t start, and there’s no resistance or spring-back action when you turn the key, you might be facing a worn-out ignition barrel.

As these cars age, the likelihood of encountering worn-out ignition barrels increases. Attend Locksmiths is well-versed in addressing this issue, providing reliable ignition repairs and replacement services for affected Ford models.

Count on Our Expertise

When it comes to Ford car key solutions, Attend Locksmiths is your trusted partner. Our team of professionals understands the complexities of modern vehicle security systems, and we have the tools and knowledge needed to unlock your car, create new keys, and address ignition problems efficiently.

With our trade-qualified locksmiths and years of experience, you can trust us to provide prompt and effective solutions to your Ford car key emergencies. Contact us today for dependable assistance and get back on the road with ease.

Here is a list of Ford car models that have used transponder chips for key immobilization starting from 1999 until 2023

  1. Ford Focus (1999-present)
  2. Ford Fiesta (1999-present)
  3. Ford Mondeo (1999-present)
  4. Ford Mustang (1999-present)
  5. Ford Taurus (1999-2007)
  6. Ford Explorer (1999-2010)
  7. Ford Expedition (1999-2014)
  8. Ford Escape (2001-present)
  9. Ford Ranger (2001-present)
  10. Ford Crown Victoria (2003-2011)
  11. Ford Fusion (2006-present)
  12. Ford Edge (2007-present)
  13. Ford Flex (2009-2019)
  14. Ford Transit (2010-present)
  15. Ford F-150 (2011-present)
  16. Ford C-Max (2013-2018)
  17. Ford EcoSport (2013-present)
  18. Ford Transit Connect (2014-present)
  19. Ford Mustang Shelby GT350/GT500 (2015-present)
  20. Ford Expedition MAX (2018-present)
  21. Ford Ranger Raptor (2018-present)
  22. Ford Explorer ST (2020-present)
  23. Ford Mustang Mach-E (2020-present)
  24. Ford Bronco (2021-present)
  25. Ford Maverick (2022-present)

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