Screen Door Lock

Sliding screen door locks

There are a few different types of screen door locks that door manufacturers have used.

  • The main types are single way locking & three-way locking.
  • Hinged screen doors & Sliding screen doors

The most reliable brand is Whitco in security screen door locks, these doors get used a lot & kids have a habit of being rough on the locks.

They don’t last forever & are commonly exposed to rain.

Another upside to the Whitco product is, they are not overpriced & readily available.

Austral sliding door lock
Sliding door lock made by Austral
Sliding screen door lock
Sliding door lock made by Whitco

Brands of locks used in Australia

Below are the manufactures links for these locks.

Pages will give you extra information about the products.

The general public cannot purchase an individual lock direct from the manufactures.

3 way locking screen doors

The 3 way locking doors provide much better security from a physical forced entry point of view, but with our Queensland weather these bolts move out of alignment & need to be adjusted.


Once the bolts & strike plates are adjusted the movement in the property will not affect the 3-way locking bolts as much.

Each house moves a different amount & allowing the adjustment extra room will reduce the alignment problems and your door will operate for many years to come much more reliably.

Locksmith adjustment of screen doors with 3 way locking bolts

This is not a difficult job to do & most Locksmiths get calls all the time for this problem.

Generally speaking, the job is a quick fix & the cost is just a service call.

Below are links which might help you find what you are looking for.
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