Replacement Mazda Keys

Replacement Mazda Keys

Attend Locksmiths can make new keys to your Mazda car if they have been Lost or Stolen.

Making keys to your Mazda if “all keys are lost”is when you need a Mobile Locksmith. 

We make keys to all Mazda’s.

Towing the car to a Mazda Dealer & having them supply new keys is always going to be more expensive option.

Mobile Locksmiths Mazda keys made

The mobile service includes : Attending the location, Unlocking the car, Door lock removal, decoding the lock, making a physical key, and programming the transponder into the car.  

We will often quote a fixed price that includes all of the above and a standard key, “that will get you going again”.

Mazda 3,5,6 from 2003 to 03/2009

These Mazda use the older security system & these keys are less expensive.
We also make keys to the newer Mazda’s including the new proximity push start button type of Mazda’s.
Call now for a over the phone quotation. 
Mazda BT50 2006 to 2011

The BT50 from 2006 to 2011 requires a lot of work & time to make new keys for these cars. 

Not all Automotive Locksmiths will make keys to these cars, because it involves a skill set in electronics & being able to edit binary code. Which has been an obsession of mine since 2002 in other hobbies.

One of the cheapest options, is $360 1X Standard key or 2X standard keys for $460 (Total Price) 

You can upgrade to a remote key, this is when the key has an inbuilt remote all in one.

1X Remote key $400 (Total Price) or 

1X Standard key + 1X Remote key $480 (Special Total Price) or

2X Remote keys $560 (Total price)  

Mazda BT50 from 10/2011 

These Mazda use the newer security which can be programmed via computer easily.
For this reason they don’t require as much work or time, so these are a lot cheaper to make new keys for.
Call for a price.  

All Keys Lost situation for some Mazda cars

Mazda 121, 323, 626 will require the ECU to be removed. 

These cars use the expensive transponder, Please call for a quotation


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