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Welcome to our web page. 

We are based only a few mins drive away from Bethania & can offer a

fast response time to Bethania.

Do you need Fresh New Keys for your locks? 

Did you know?

Most people know that locks can be changed,

but don't know what the cost is or what is involved.

This sometimes means people don't get their locks changed when they move into their new home.

The cost is not much to have all your locks re-keyed & matched, so you only need one key for your whole house.

What is involved is re-coding your existing lock barrels, this is the best & cheapest way to ensure the old keys no longer work the locks. 

Pricing costs for a Locksmith to Attend your location

We charge a service call to attend your location. $66 during business hours.

Looking to change the lock so the old keys don't work? $22 per lock.

Lock installation typically takes 30mins per lock. The cost is $44

Duplicate keys on the spot for $ 5 each (normal house keys)

It's important for us to have competitive pricing.

Lock Installation

People often get a handyman to install locks they have bought at Bunnings to save money.

Not all the time, but a lot of the time a handyman charges more & doesn't know how to install the lock correctly.

On top of that, people don't know the difference in lock quality & they end up calling a Locksmith to open a jammed door because the lock failing.

Locksmiths don't install locks that are poor quality, simply reason is because Low security & "we don't want you to call us back to fix a low-quality lock" that has failed with normal use.

Professional Locksmiths have access to tried & tested locks, that Hardware stores don't.

At the end of the day having locks installed by unqualified person will cost you more in the end. 

It's a trap! 

We pride ourselves on, always do the job correctly the first time.

More than 24 years as a Trade qualified Locksmith 

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