Toyota Replacement Car Keys 

If you’re in Brisbane, Queensland and searching for a replacement Toyota car key, Attend Locksmiths can help. 

We cater to a wide range of Toyota models, including Corolla, Camry, Hilux, RAV4, Land Cruiser, Prado, Kluger, Yaris, C-HR, HiAce, and many more. 

Types of Toyota Car Keys We Handle

At Attend Locksmiths, we’re well-prepared to address the key needs of your Toyota, whether you own an older or newer model. 

Our skilled locksmiths can assist with various types of Toyota car keys, such as:

1. Traditional Metal Keys: These keys are commonly found in older Toyota models and can be swiftly duplicated by our locksmiths.

2. Transponder Keys: Many of the latest Toyota models are equipped with transponder keys. 

These keys incorporate a small embedded chip that enhances security by preventing easy duplication.

3. Smart Keys: Newer Toyota models often come with smart keys that serve both as remote keyless entry keys and automatic door/trunk openers. Some even feature a convenient push-button start for effortless ignition.

4. Proximity Keys: The most recent Toyota models typically utilize proximity keys, which include a small transponder chip in the key fob. 

These keys allow for hands-free locking/unlocking and engine start when the key is in close proximity.

The Evolution of Toyota Car Keys

Toyota introduced transponder immobilizer chips in the late 1990s, although not in all Toyota models.
Some Toyota models implemented this technology as early as 1996, primarily in higher-end models.
In the case of lost keys for early Toyota models, the car’s computer or immobilizer had to be removed and reprogrammed at the workshop.
Around 2006, it became possible to program new transponder chips through the OBD port, streamlining the process and reducing the cost for newer 

Toyota models

From approximately 2011, specific Toyota models transitioned to high-security transponders, and in 2019, Toyota introduced even more advanced security software.

Toyota car key replacement

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