Garage Locks

Garage Locks

Garage Locks 

There are generally two types of garage doors, 

1: Roll-a-Door where the garage door rolls up 

2: Tilter door where the door is a fixed panel and move up to open.

Garage door can also have an extra dead lock installed like the photo above.

These garage locks provide a lot more security the standard T Handle or Roll-a-door locks.



Block Locks: are perfect for residential garage doors, If you have a motor bike or boat in your garage; these locks will provide an extra layer of security to prevent them from going missing.

You may also notice lock installed on commercial shop front doors.


ADI’s Robust Lock Bolt Range. A Blend of Security and Versatility

ADI introduces a robust lineup of heavy-duty lock bolts, including the sleek SL5 and the durable 5004 models. Crafted to withstand demanding security needs, these locks find their footing in diverse environments, making them the ideal choice for an array of applications.

Unveiling the Features:

  • Designed for shop fronts, warehouses, hotels, community recreation areas, storage facilities, and garages.
  • Offers the unique capability to be locked in both open and closed positions, adding flexibility to security protocols.
  • Comes in two body sizes: 32 x 144 mm for the SL5 model and 45 x 155 mm for the 5004 model.
  • Boasts a standard hardened bolt, providing an additional layer of defense against tampering.
  • The bolt, with a diameter of 13 mm, showcases impressive sturdiness.
  • Features a hardened strike plate, further reinforcing security measures.
  • Compatible with both aluminium and timber applications, accommodating a range of setups.
  • Suitable for swinging doors, sliding doors, and gates, enhancing its versatility.
  • Offers the option for rear or front mounting, catering to diverse installation preferences.
  • Incorporates the widely recognized 570 oval cylinder, a testament to its industry-standard compatibility.
  • Seamlessly integrates with most restricted keying systems, ensuring a seamless fit with existing setups.
  • Supplied with a mounting template and all necessary fixing components, simplifying installation.
  • Extended locking bolts and concealed fix plates are available for those seeking additional security options.
  • Each package arrives boxed and includes 2 keys, ensuring a comprehensive solution.
  • Available in various finishes, including satin chrome, chrome plate, black, and polished brass, allowing for a personalized touch.

ADI’s heavy-duty lock bolts not only deliver impeccable security but also provide a level of adaptability that meets the demands of modern spaces. With a focus on durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, these locks elevate the standard of security solutions across a multitude of settings. Garage locks

ADI Blokloks. Uncompromising Security with Elegance

Elevate your security standards with ADI Blokloks, a comprehensive range available in an array of stunning finishes. Designed to excel in safeguarding various settings, these locks find their calling in shop fronts, warehouses, hotels, community recreation areas, storage facilities, and garages. Whether it’s hinged or sliding exterior doors, ADI Blokloks deliver unwavering protection.

Key Features that Set ADI Blokloks Apart:

  • The robust 13 mm hardened steel pin effortlessly slides through the side of the body, offering a formidable defense against tampering.
  • An innovative feature ensures that the locking bolt remains securely in place even when unlocked, ensuring continuous security.
  • Versatility reigns supreme as ADI Blokloks are adept for both aluminium and timber applications, adapting to diverse scenarios.
  • Suitable for both swinging doors and sliding doors or gates, providing flexible solutions for varying entry points.
  • Designed to accommodate doors with a width of up to 50 mm, catering to a broad spectrum of door sizes; longer bolts are also available.
  • Seamlessly incorporates the industry-standard 570 oval cylinder, a testament to its compatibility with established security systems.
  • Compatibility extends to most restricted keying systems, further enhancing its adaptability to existing security setups.
  • Simplifying installation, ADI Blokloks are supplied with a mounting template and all essential fixing components.
  • For heightened security needs, extended locking bolts are available as an optional feature.
  • Each package arrives thoughtfully boxed, complete with 2 keys for convenience for Grage locks.
  • The allure of choice extends to finishes, with options including satin chrome, chrome plate, black, and polished brass, allowing you to align the lock’s aesthetics with your space.

ADI Blokloks seamlessly merge style and security, embodying the essence of robust protection with a touch of elegance. A commitment to excellence resonates through these locks, making them an indispensable asset for a wide spectrum of environments.

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