Roll-a-door ram raid locks

Garage Locks

Here you will find all the Garage locks used in Australia.

Some of the locks you will find on other types of doors, like a UTE tray back.

The ADI Bolt locks are commonly found on a garage door for a house, but these locks are also meant to be for shop front doors & commercial building.


Most of these locks are cheap $60- $100, the garage T handle locks are about $29 each.

The deadlocks like the Block lock & Adi Bolt locks are around $160 each


Most of these locks can be key alike so one key will work two or more locks.

You can have the locks match your front door key (Standard Lockwood key) 90% of houses have.

Heavy duty shop or garage lock
Block lock confix
Shop front door dead lock
Stainless steel DoubleBlock lock
Garage dead lock Attend locksmiths
Block lock
Heavy duty dead lock
Blocklok adi Garage dead Lock
Double Block lock confix
ADI Bolt lock slim
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