Lost Falcon FG MKII 2011 to 2014 Keys

Need new Ford keys?


Replacement Ford Keys Brisbane

No keys for your Falcon FG MKII 2011 to 2014?  

We are less expensive than a Ford Dealer!

Replacement Ford Keys

Attend Locksmiths specialize in Replacement Ford keys.

If you have lost your keys to your Ford car, we can make new keys & program the keys into your car.

A lot of the time, Locksmith prices are cheaper than the local Ford dealer to make new keys to your car.

Ford dealers often sub-contract these jobs out to a local locksmith.

Keys have a transponder chip which are inside the head of the key.

Ford Transponders

Attend Locksmiths can make a new keys for your Ford

In the event that all keys have been lost for your car, you will need a Locksmith to make new keys.

Our Locksmiths will come to your location 

Open your car

Make a physical key to the cars lock

Program the keys transponder into the car and your on your way.

We have a few options:

The cheapest option is to have one standard key made & programmed into the car. This will get you going…

Most Ford cars can also have a remote to Lock & unlock the doors, this is optional.

We can supply you with; for example one standard key & one remote key or Two remote keys.

Attend Locksmiths covers all of Brisbane & Gold Coast.


Trade Qualified Locksmith
  • With more than 24 years as a NSW Qualified Locksmith
  • Your locks will be repaired & installed correctly.
  • Mechanical Engineering N.S.W Trade
  • Bosch certified Technician
  • Master Cabler A037597
  • Inner Range certified Technician 1845 for over 11 years
  • La Gard government safe B-class technician
  • Protect Smoke Cannon Accredited
0413 120 444
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