Mitsubishi Replacement Keys Made

Lost keys to your Mitsubishi car ?

Replacement Mitsubishi Keys

Mitsubishi vehicles are one of the most common vehicles on the road.

Mitsubishi’s are one of our most common vehicles we make keys too.

We also stock a range of Remote Keys and Smart Keys to suit your Mitsubishi.

Attend Locksmiths can cut & program a replacement key, at your location.

Lost the keys to your Lancer, Mirage, ASX, Pajero, Outlander, Triton or any other type of Mitsubishi? We can help.

Did you know ?

Attempting to start a Mitsubishi car with out a transponder key, will cause the vehicle to go into anti-theft lockout mode.

Key remote head broken apart & transponder lost.

The most common problem with Mitsubishi remote keys, is them splitting apart and the transponder chip gets lost.

This normally happens after a few years of normal use.

If you have the transponder chip, you’re in luck & a new key shell will fix the problem. A lot of Locksmithing shops or key / shoe repairers have key shells.

But if the transponder chip is lost & that was your only key, we can Attend your location and program in a new transponder & provide you with a new key cut & key shell.

Mitsubishi uses these types of keys across a range of vehicles like , Pajero, Lance and Triton ute’s,

Replacement Mitsubishi Keys TritonReplacement Mitsubishi Keys Lancer

Mitsubishi smart keys push button start cars

These types of keys don’t require you to physically insert a key into the ignition lock, you just push a button & the car will start.

They have an inbuilt remote & also a back up emergency physical key which is the key ring part of the smart remote.

These keys are known by a few names like, Smart remotes, Smart keys, Proximity key remotes.

Newer models of Lancer, ASX, and Outlander have these Smart Remotes.

Replacement Mitsubishi Keys Outlander


Replacement Mitsubishi Keys

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