FAQ About Lock Prices

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How much should you be paying?

As a general rule of thumb for the Locksmith industry, this is a breakdown of charges.

  • Service to premises $ XXX   (The service call pays for the traveling time to come to your property)
  • Labour charge          $ XXX   (This is the amount of money for the work)
  • Parts required          $ XXX   (The cost of the parts if required)

Because most Locksmith jobs are generally cheap, take for example:

Example of a job & prices

You call a Locksmith to have your bedroom handle lock that needs opening & you also need a key for the lock.

If you call during normal business hours ” which is the cheapest time to call”

  • Service to Premises     $66
  • Unlocking the lock       $22
  • Recoding the lock        $11

Sometimes you might get a total price over the phone & the cost are not explained to the customer over the phone.

FAQ Locksmiths Costs

To Attend your location, the cost is $66.00 & Re-coding the lock is $11 per barrel.

A lock with two keyholes, is a double-sided lock.

Standard keys copies are $5

The service call is $66, 1/2 hours labour is $44, we normally give you a fixed price quotation over the phone.

$230 all up, Including Service call out fee, Labour to install, & the Lockwood 001 deadlock. Other locks like deadbolts are less expensive at about $140 to $160 all up.

Common Locks & Prices

There are all kinds of handle locks, the locks range from as little as $20 to $140.
The commercial fire rated heavy duty handle locks are more expensive But are designed to have high volume use every day & last many years longer.

Commercial grade handle lock
Commercial fire rated heavy duty handle lock $120
Leverset handle lock Attend Locksmiths
Standard type lever set good for bedrooms with keys $40
Single sided commercial grade handle lock Fire escape
Factory units, onesided Fire exit lock.

Garage Locks

There are some really well made and secure deadlocks available for garage doors.

Heavy duty shop or garage lock
Heavy duty dead lock
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