Job photos

Here on this page, you will see some of the jobs which the customer has allowed us to post photos of the jobs we have done..

Each photo has a brief and basic description of what we did.

This page really gives you an idea of what we do, along with our bread & butter of Locksmithing.

All the camera systems we install are High-definition video camera systems, with most all IP camera systems.

Locksmithing is just the basis of what we do.

54 Camera HD IP Camera System Installed in Strata Building & a 25 HD IP camera systems CCTV systems Brisbane

Ubiquiti airfiber

Installing Ubiquiti airfiber

WIFI CCTV remote access

Ip camera system installed in metal power meter box for the carpark in strata building with WIFI access point for units to view cameras

Pre wire smart house

Pre-wire smart house

Intercom strata unit building

Intercom upgrade strata building

WIFI Backhaul links

Data Cabinet, WIFI backhaul,  UPS, Switches installed

Sub-station access control system installed by Attend Locksmiths

Sub-station access control system installed by Attend Locksmiths

HD ip camera system

Eye doctor surgery premises CCTV system installed

WIFI Radio gear installed

Radio Gear installed on the tower

ES2000 electric strike

Adding another access control door to the Tecom V8 system in a private school FS20M electric strike. I had to install 27 ES2000 electric strikes for the access control system in Brisbane.

6 camera IP HD System installed strata building

6 camera IP HD System installed strata building

16 Camera HD SDI camera system Installed in a strata building

16 Camera HD SDI camera system Installed in a strata building

Inner range

This inner range integriti access control system was installed for a doctors surgeons practice in Sydney which was a purpose-built, building. The systems is perfect for gym swipe card entry system, as it can be programmed for this purpose. Along with remote control of doors from a smartphone.

Ubiquiti rocket installed WIFI

Rocket M2 Base Station installed with guide wires & Mounting pole for WIFI access on a 5 acres property

Cisco phone system intergraded into access control systm

Installed intercom that can be connected to their Cisco phone system as an extension, at a private school & installed a two-door intergriti system using HID R10 encrypted proximity swipe cards for gate & pet gate access. Doors auto lock & unlock on school day & times. access control systems Brisbane & alarm installation

Sliding gate motor

Sliding auto gate motor connected to access control system

Vault door installation

Installing a Vault door






Vault Door installed

Installed Vault door

Vault Door installed Dec 2017


Caboolture hospital access control system installed
on new building

Installing 183 cat6 data points

I’m installing the Data Cabling Cat6 & Installing 183 cat6 data points in Jan 2018 for a large company

Installing Cat6A data cabling

 Unlocked a lamborghiniunlock a lamborghini

CCTV cameras installed at front driveway gate

 Removed intercom & Repaired

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Below is one of the larger projects we have done from start to finish.

The building is 5000m2 in size & over 8 meter high, while the building size is impressive; what made this one of the larger projects was the scope of works we undertook to provide the customer a turnkey solution under one business.

This approach did save money for the customer, but the true saving was not having frustrations dealing with many companies to complete the project.

This business was consolidating three premises into one with no access during the day.

We needed to shift a few hundred pallets with the forks and work around the limited floor space, as each day more & more stock was being delivered.

We were given 9 nights access and 5-night access with scissor lifts after the Dexion installer finished for the day.

We made the Deadline due to a huge effort going many extra miles & resolving the issues from the deliveries & other trades working during the day.

Below is the system we installed in this building.

  • Inner range Concept 4000 Access control & Alarm system with a Bundy clock.
  • We installed Lockwood Es2000 electric strikes and Paddy magnet locks with REX buttons and resettable glass break detectors.
  • Partitioned Area controlled Alarm System with auto arming and time zones/periods.
  • 11 IP HD internal and external CCTV cameras
  • Network data cables for the whole premises
  • 13 Wifi Access points for stock picking with zero handoff between access points for seamless data transfer from scanners between areas.
  • 4 Data Cabinets
  • 6 24 port Patch panels
  • 3 managed network switches & 4 poe
  • 18 Linksys ip Phones and an asterisk phone system
  • Replaced all warehouse light blobs with shatterproof light blobs at no cost when we were running cables.
  • The customer required all work to be done after normal business hours.