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Ford Falcon will not start AUTO

How to repair a Ford Falcon Central Locking

Ford falcon central locking problem is one of the most common faults or things that break down.

With just a few tools you can repair it yourself just by watching this video.

Au falcon door lock cycling is another really common thing that happened, this is caused by the BEM thinking one of the doors is open, so when you go to lock the car the BEM cycles the central locking motors so it doesn’t lock.

Ba and BF falcon central locking are the same,

Au falcon central locking not working,

ford central locking problems,

Au falcon door wont unlock,

Ford door lock actuator repair kit from ebay are really cheap around $10,

Ford territory central locking kit is the same as the BA & BF ford falcons.

Ford door lock actuator replacement

Ford Falcon HIM & Mixer shaft Repair & Replacement


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