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Frequently asked questions about 

About lock Prices and how much should you be paying?

Below we have put together the very common questions about locks and prices.
Not every locksmith business charges the same amount for the same lock installed,
there are a number of factors which the customer should take into account.

  • Expense of running a shop 
  • Wages of staff members required for the shop 
  • How many apprentices the business employees

FAQ Locks

Q: How much would it cost to change the barrel on my front door lock?

A: To Attend your location, the cost is $88.00. Re-coding the lock is $33 per lock.

Q: What is the difference between a single & double sided lock?

A: A lock with two keyholes, is a double-sided lock re-coding is $33.  Common single side locks are like your Handel lock on your front door or a bedroom door.

Q: How much does it cost to cut a standard key?

A: Standard keys copies are $5.50

Q: Can I change my own locks?

A: Yes.

Q: What do Locksmiths charge to install a deadlock?

A:  $230 all up, Including Service call out fee, Labour to install, & the Lockwood 001 deadlock. Other locks like deadbolts are less expensive about $140 to $160 all up.

Q: How much to replace a handle lock on a door?

A: There are all kinds of handle locks, the locks range from as little as $20 to $140 for the commercial fire rated heavy duty handle locks.

Here are some photos of handle locks that you can compare.

Q: How do I make my garage door more secure?

A: There are some really well made and secure deal locks available for roll-a-door garage doors & Tiler-a-doors, 90% of Australian homes or units have one or the other.

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