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Most local locksmith companies here in Brisbane operate in many suburbs local to their home base.

What you will find is most locksmiths will either operate their business on the

  • upper side of Brisbane,
  • the lower side of Brisbane and other locksmiths will go west towards Ipswich.

These are the three main circles radius that local locksmiths work in.

Part of this situation is due to traffic on the road and the physical distance they have to cover.

Mobile locksmiths normally traveling about 20mins or 30 mins to the customer’s location, to do a job.

Regular customers

Some customers like Real estate agents do property management; which the local locksmith might have to travel 50min to 60mins to the rental property,

but normally the real estate agent will be a regular customer with repeat business.

Real estate agents will normally only and exclusively use one the one locksmith.

This is due to having the reliability to call on that local locksmith day or night to fix a problem.


local locksmith by Attend Locksmiths van 2018 The locksmith company needs to charge a service call to cover the cost of travel & time.

Most of the jobs locksmiths do, for the average household are quick in nature like opening a locked door or changing the keys of a lock.

Being a local locksmith means fast response time for the customer & helps the locksmith company control the jobs for the day.

There is not much point traveling 1 hour to go to a job out of the area and not be able to Attend your local customers.

Important for a local locksmith

Word of mouth and reputation is important to any local business, so being able to service the local community has good benefits for a small business like a locksmith.

The local business can just advertise in areas in which they can service, so advertising is only displayed to people in the local area.

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