Repairing driveway intercom and Bollard

Repair Intercom Job

One of our strata managers emailed a job request to “Repair Intercom” of a strata unit block.

We attended site to inspect the damage to the driveway intercom.

We attended the location the same day & this is what we saw, (photo 1)

The first question that came to mind are;

  • where the cables damaged?

One of the owners in the unit complex had put a safety cone & bucket to help identify the hazard to cars using the driveway.

A pizza delivery driver crash into the intercom.

We had to go back to the workshop & get a jackhammer & break up the bricks straight away due to the danger to cars & people. Photo 2 & 3


Repairing the intercom

The next day we went to the suppliers and got the new bollard, High visibility reflective tape, concrete to reinstalled the intercom.

Adjusting for the slope of the driveway to make the bollard level & Dina bolting it to the new concrete.

Finally, we where up to the stage of testing the intercom and applying the high visibility tape to the bollard & the job was done.

One of the executive committee members came down to see the finished product and complimented us on how professional & quickly we did the job.

A few days later,  we found out that the committee member phoned the strata manager to give us a compliment & express how happy the other members were with the job.


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