Questions about Camera systems & Alarm Systems.

Camera Systems and Alarm Systems

Camera Systems are being installed more and more in peoples homes so they can see on their phones what is happening at home when they are at work.

Alarm Systems

Q: How often should the alarm battery be changed?

A: An average life of the battery is about 5 years.

Q: Can I change the battery?

A: Yes most people are able to do this, it’s best to call us & we are happy to help over the phone at no cost to you. Free.

Q: How do I change the user code on my alarm system?

A: It really depends on what brand of alarm system you have;

We recommend Bosch Alarm Systems for a basic home or small shop.

Q: Which Alarm system is best for me?

A: It’s best to ask your security installer to come and have a look at the premises, and advise you after a site inspection.

Camera System

Q: How do I know what to look for in a CCTV system?

A: The highest resolution system you can afford.

  1. High-resolution cameras & recorder.
  2. If you have an existing analog CCTV system & want to use existing cabling you should consider (AHD 1.2mp) or (SDI 2.1mp) or (TVI 2.0mp)
  3. The better option if you don’t have an existing CCTV system, is an IP camera system.

Q: Should I leave the decision up to the security installer to install a CCTV system and not worry?

A: The answer is Yes & No, honestly; ask for the price for different options, then get another quote from another company and compare apples with apples. Here is a link to some photos of cameras

Q: Do you have sample camera footage?

A: Yes, any good security provider will and should give you a CD with sample footage for Day & Night with their quotation.

Q: Remote viewing my cameras over the internet on my phone?

A: Yes, these days it is commonplace, the speed of your internet connection at home and your mobile phone play a huge part in live viewing without lag.

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