CCTV Systems

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Basic Information

There is some basic information, which will help you understand the different types of CCTV Systems.

Most of all this information will guide you to understand the difference between the two types of cable used for CCTV system.

Information about CCTV systems


Coaxial CCTV camera cable CCTV Systems

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Cat5e and cat6 cable for cctv CCTV Systems

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Coaxial cable                                                                Ethernet cable

  • Coaxial CCTV systems are mostly analogy systems, their cameras provide a low-quality image.
  • The analogy systems are being replaced by the new digital camera systems.
  • Ethernet cable is used for IP CCTV Systems, it allows larger amounts of data to travel along the cable with faster speeds.

IP Camera Systems

IP Camera systems, provide High definition video images.

Ethernet cabling does future proof your CCTV System.

Adding extra storage to an IP camera systems is a lot easier.


Network Video Recorders (NVR) can have a few hard drives, the basic NVR has provisions for 1 hard drive with a max of 4TB.

Larger CCTV systems physically have 9 sata & 1 E-sata (limited to 6tb hard drives).

Data Storage is the amount of time a video is kept/saved depends on the type of cameras installed.

The higher the camera resolution, the more storage space on the hard drive is required.


Below are photos of cameras and video recorders which we install.

More photos of CCTV systems that we have installed, is located here

CCTV installations

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4mp IP dome camera with autofocus

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