CCTV Photo’s & Price

On this page, you will find AHD, HD & IP HD cameras and recorders.

This page is for you to visually identify a product.

As a guide, we will include an average price for each product, please note this is a guide only price & does not include installation.


Two main types of cameras are the  Dome camera and Body camera.

Cameras send the video image to a recording device called a Video recorder, today on the market we have Analogy, Analogy Digital,  High Definition.

Camera types:

Most installers will offer the customer an HD camera system, but not always offer an IP HD camera system.

The IP camera system is the best way to get great quality images and when technology changes,

basically Higher resolution cameras become more affordable to the average person there is just the cost of the cameras and recorder to purchase.

Older Types or existing camera upgrades to HD:

If you have the older type of camera system (Analogy) which uses a Black cable to send video images to the video recorder, you in luck.

Camera manufacturers have th

ree different types of a video signal which can use the existing cabling.

There is the lower end cameras which will improve the video quality called AHD ( Analogy High Definition) about 1.3MP

Then the next set up is the HD-TVI format which is around the 2mp image quality, affordable

The third is HD-SDI which is around the 2.2mp image quality.

Either HD-TVI or HD-SDI will provide you some very nice clean quality images.

They are both very cost-effective solution for an upgrade to an existing CCTV system.

On the Video page of this website, you will find some CCTV Photo’s of the HD-SDI & HD-TVI cameras in action.


4MP IP Camera Systems