Toyota Fortuner

Toyota keys

The manufacturer (Toyota) has made it possible for an owner of a Toyota vehicle to program in a new key or remote for most Toyota models.

The procedures require You to have a Master key for the vehicle.

Toyota provides two master key, one valet, and metal tag stamped with your key number, from the factory.

The Master keys “are the normal key’s you use every day” ( Blackhead keys) the valet key has a (Greyhead)

Below are instructions you can use to program a new key or remote.

But in the event that all keys have been lost for your Toyota, you will need a Locksmith to make two new master keys for the car.

The keys have a transponder chip which is inside the head of the key which will need to be programmed into the car

Attend Locksmiths can make a new master key for your Toyota

This is what needs to be done.

We attend the location, normally within 1 hour.

We open/unlock the car. Sometime we will need to remove the lock from the door to make the physical key. About 15mins to 20mins.

We then program the transponder into the cars computer, this can take up to 35mins.

After we test all the keys, then we reinstall the door lock & you’re on your way.


  1. Most Toyota vehicles from 1995 and onwards use a transponder which needs to programmed into the vehicle in order to start the vehicle.
  2. Some Toyota’s also have remotes to lock & unlock the doors
  3. Newer Toyota’s now incorporate the remote into the key, these keys consist of a physical cut key, a transponder & then the remote module.
  4. New Toyota’s have a smart key remote, these have an emergency key built into the remote which you can slide out and physically use this key to open the door. The smart remote uses proximity & the owner just need to push a button on the dash to start the car.



Gone are the days when you can get a $5.00 car key cut.

This is due to the increase in security & technology, that manufacturers have put in their cars.

Some Toyota vehicles can have a remote built into the key.

Toyota Standard key with Transponder chipTwo button toyota remote keyToyota 4 button remote car key with transponder