Concept 4000 by Inner Range

Serious Security & Serious reliability

Inner Range Certified Technician for Concept 4000 Systems

Concept 4000 has been around for many years, the system is commonly installed in department stores, office buildings.

The system provides flexibility and control via a window based program called Insite another Inner range product.

Full control of the system is done by this software, which has been made & designed so anyone with a little training can master it.

Most of the time the system is controlled by a security guard.

The software has options to allow or disallow different uses permissions, access to the system via the software requires a Username & password.

The system logs all events, from using a swipe card to a security guard opening a door from the security control room.

Concept 4000 is a modular system which means the system can be added on to and is not limited.

The price tag is serious too, a medium size factory “around 5000 m2” as a ballpark figure is about $15k installed.


Alarm System, Access control system, Lighting control, Air conditioning control, Lift control and much more.

Download this PDF from Inner Rage to see more what the system can do

People who use this system

Local councils, Department stores, Shopping centers, High rise apartment building, Police station, Courthouses, etc.


To manage users or change a Time zone or open a door, it’s all done using custom software.

The software is around $800 including the licence HASP key.

I have been able to teach security guards, how to use the software in under two hours.

Inner range has customer software training, for a small fee.

Logging events and searching for events is made easy by custom filters.

which the user can type in part of a word or name and then search.

This allows the user to see everything related to the search quickly & easily.

Key Pad

Inner Range is located in Melbourne Victoria

Touch keypad PDF

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