Integriti by Inner Range

The Integriti Technology Platform

We are Inner Range Certified Technician for the Integriti Systems

Inner Range’s latest technology platform is the result of continuous industry participation and product development by the people at Inner Range.

Integriti delivers a state-of-the-art solution with tangible cost-savings through its integrated Security, Access Control and Building Automation functionality


Integriti is perfect for small sites through to large multi-campus institutions.

Integriti’s flexible modular design means it grows with you.

IP-based networked solution.

Simplicity of Use

Large or small, everyday use of your Integriti system is simple.Unlock doors, turn on or off security areas all by simply presenting a card at a reader or by using the colour graphics keypad.

Manage your entire system via intuitive Windows® based software.

Intruder Detection

Secure & Flexible

Integriti offers powerful and flexible security and intruder detection capabilities in a very affordable package.

Integriti delivers full coverage and reporting of security detection points, offering advanced single site or multi-tenancy monitoring for up to 250 areas.

Support for special duress, panic, and hold-up functions is provided and connected with a vast range of wireless or wired detection devices is possible.


Integriti is the industry leader in security communications providing the flexibility you need in any environment.

A single panel can support up to four simultaneous communication interfaces Reporting in a variety of formats.

Remote Control

Integriti’s mobile application allows you to arm or disarm your security system.

Review events from your security system.

Full control of the system.


  • Auto-closing of a roller door at a certain time.
  • Opening a door via Mag Lock or Electric Strike
  • Automatically switching lights on or off.
  • Time-based function.
  • Movement within a building monitoring & auto arming a zone/area when not in uses.
  • Integriti controllers are equipped with powerful scripted logic capabilities.


The Integriti system enables cardholder location and activity information to be shared with Building Management Systems (BMS), air conditioning and lighting systems to reduce the energy costs associated with these services. This represents real cost savings to the business.

Being a non-proprietary system you have integration possibilities with a wide choice of cards, readers, locks, detectors and other peripheral devices. you are not locked into purchasing the manufacturers specific consumables or peripheral components.

Integriti also offers integration options with many other systems including CCTV, Club & Gym Membership software gym swipe card entry system, Elevator & Lift Systems, Lighting Control Systems, Intercom Systems, Home Automation Systems, Bio-metric Readers, Fire Alarm Systems, Asset Tracking Systems, Software, and Database Systems including HR, Payroll & Microsoft Active Directory. Use Integriti as an over-arching Security Management System for complete control of security and facility services.

Features Overview

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