Bosch Alarm System

Basic Bosch model is the 880

Bosch alarm systems are suited for your average 3 or 4 bedroom home or a small shop or small office.

The Bosch 880 offers a total of 8 zones & can have wireless monition detectors as part of the upgrade kit.

The keypad is very easy to use and has Icon display like in the photo below. (basic text & Pictures)

Adding and deleting users or remotes is easy to do.


It is budget friendly


Bosch 880 keypad
Bosch keypad 880
Bosch Alarm remote

Bosch 880 user manual

Bosch 880 Wireless manual

Bosch 6000 Alarm & Access control system

6000 security system is feature packed!

There are many features that make the 6000 one of the best Alarm or Alarm & Access control systems on the market for its price.

One of the best features; is the Alarm system can send SMS alerts directly to your mobile phone without any additional hardware.

You have the option to add an Ethernet module on to the main control board to access the system over the internet and use the app to control the system.

At a touch of a button, open a door, disarm the alarm, turn on your lights, turn on your air con, heat up your spa, endless possibilities.

The Bosch 6000 is also expandable to cover large premises or factory premises, with up to 16 access control doors (Swipe card  entry)

For ease of use in Arming & Disarming (just swipe your card in front of the keypad).

Easy to use, Easy to add or remove users, SMS alert for any one user or all users. (programmable alerts via SMS)

Wireless options are available for this alarm system, from wireless remotes to panic buttons.

The 6000 is one of the best priced, featured, flexible, reliable alarm systems available, and comes with a 3 year manufactures warranty.

We highly recommend this extraordinary product.

Bosch 6000 user manual