Alarm Photo’s & Price

On this page; you will find all the common alarm parts and devices that connect to all alarm systems with the price.

We have compiled this list with photos to help you identify what you need quickly and easy.

This page is for you to visually identify a product & know what it’s called so when you place an order we can send you the correct part you are looking for.

Some of the products have instruction manuals that come with the product & others like swipe cards don’t. We can answer any questions you might have about any of the products listed.

Attend Locksmiths are here to help you, not just sell. We go the extra mile when you need help.

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Bosch 6000 keypad $180
Bosch info page
Bosch keypad 880 $120 
Bosch Info page
Inner Range Keypad $420
Inner range info page
Bosch_Prox_Tokens $10
Bosch_Prox_Tokens $10
Small duress button $20
Duress Button with key reset $30
Press to exit Button $40
Glass Break open door $40
External Siren With Strobe Light $45
Slim-Line-Strobe $45
Blue-Line-Gen-Quad-PIR-Motion-Detector $60
Bosch 360 motion detector $80
Bosch 360 motion detector $120
Bosch wireless door contact $120
Auto exit door open $130


There will be instructional videos on our website that will help the home handyman to swap out a faulty motion detector or a faulty external Siren kit for his home alarm system.

These instructional videos are not intended for learning aids on how to install an alarm system, which we take no responsibility for any damage you may cause or fall off a ladder or anything at all.

We need to make this very clear about all of our videos, on this website and on youtube, You may watch the videos for entertainment purposes only and the information contained in the videos is not for resale or rebroadcasting on any other media in which the video is placed.  We take no responsibility for any information contained in any video.